Diana Alfonso-Bécares

Diana Alfonso-Bécares


My PhD project aims to analyze the effects of Payment for Ecosystem Services and other conservation policies on the livelihoods of the people participating in these programs by characterizing the changes in the fluxes of elements that take place in their social-ecological system. The project is integrated in the María de Maeztu Excellence Unit program and involves two research groups in ICTA, both the Laboratory for the Analysis of Social Ecological Systems in a Globalized World (LASEG) with Esteve Corbera as supervisor, and the Group on Integrated Assessment: Sociology, Technology and Environment (IASTE) with Tarik Serrano and Mario Giampietro as supervisors.

I have a MSc in Management of natural resources and rural development (SupAgro- IAMM), a master’s degree in Political Science (University of Montpellier) and a Bsc in Environmental Biology (University of Oviedo). Prior to this PhD I worked in a project aiming to understand the management of the agrobiodiversity of local cereals in Mali and Chili, and then worked as a scientific journalist and as an editor on an environmental magazine informing about resource management techniques, waste management and water governance.

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