Esteve Corbera

Esteve Corbera

ICREA Research Professor

I am a Research Professor at ICTA-UAB and LASEG’s co-director. I hold a PhD in Development Studies, an MSc in Natural Resource Management and Development (University of East Anglia), a postgraduate degree in environmental management (University of Barcelona), and a BSc in Environmental Sciences (UAB).

My research is situated at the intersection of human development, land-use science and environmental policy. I have advanced knowledge by 1) demonstrating that climate change mitigation, adaptation, and biodiversity conservation policies can exacerbate social and gender inequalities; 2) mainstreaming social justice considerations in the analysis and design of such policies; and 3) shedding light on motivations to participate in ‘sustainable’ land-use management approaches, and their potential for changing people’s values about resource conservation. My teaching addresses topics in political ecology, ecological economics and the social dimensions of climate change and biodiversity conservation.

I’m currently investigating the roll-out of biodiversity offsetting in Spain, the ecological and development impacts of biodiversity conservation approaches in Latin America, and I’m writing about market-based conservation in Mexico. I’m interested in working with people who care about the effects of land-use change and conservation on human wellbeing, and who strive to design more effective and equitable policies and projects.


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