Laia d'Armengol

Laia d'Armengol


I was a PhD Researcher at ICTA-UAB’s Environmental Science and Technology program between 2014-2019, supervised by Esteve Corbera (ICTA-UAB), Isabel Ruiz-Mallén (IN3-UOC), and Rocío Rodiles (Ecosur, Mexico). I looked at the social and ecological outcomes of co-managed small-scale fisheries, informed by a global systematic literature review and a local case study in the fishery of La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve (Mexico). 

I am interested in improving our understanding of common-pool resources governance and community-based conservation, including all available experiences, knowledges and visions, to contribute to the achievement of both conservation and equity outcomes. I use quantitative and qualitative methods including ethnographic tools (interviews and participant observations), cognitive representations (mental models), and a systematic literature review with statistical analysis. Prior to my PhD, I studied the contribution of social diversity on ecosystem management by the local stewards of the marine ecosystem in La Palma Biosphere Reserve (Canary Islands, Spain). I was also involved in the GLEAN research project (Stockholm Resilience Centre), looking at the linkages among local participation, social learning and ecosystem management in a context of social-ecological complexity.

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