We publish our research in a wide range of disciplinary and multidisciplinary journals, and also in books, reports and other means of communication, such as videos and web-based knowledge exchange platforms. You can find below our work published between January 2014 and the present day.

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  • Child stunting is associated with weaker human capital among native Amazonians Undurraga E.A, Behrman J.R, Emmett S.D, Kidd C, Leonard W.R, Piantdosi S.T, Reyes-García V, Sharma A, Zhang R, Godoy R.A (2018). American Journal of Human Biology, 30 (1).
  • High overlap between traditional ecological knowledge and forest conservation found in the Bolivian Amazon Paneque-Gálvez J, Pérez-Llorente I, Catarina Luz A, Guèze, Maximilien, Mas JF, Macía MJ, Orta-Martínez M, Reyes-García V (2018). Ambio, 47 (8): 908-923.
  • Income and Wellbeing in a Society on the Verge to Market Integration: The Case of the Tsimane' in the Bolivian Amazon Minkin D, Reyes-García V (2017). Journal of Happiness Studies, 18 (4): 993-1011.
  • Catch-up growth and growth deficits: Nine-year annual panel child growth for native Amazonians in Bolivia Zhang R, Undurraga E.A, Zeng W, Reyes-García V, Tanner S, Leonard W.R, Behrman J.R, Godoy R.A (2016). Annals of Human Biology, 43 (4).
  • Exploring indigenous landscape classification across different dimensions: a case study from the Bolivian Amazon. Riu-Bosoms C, Vidal T, Duane A, Fernández-Llamazares Á, Guèze, Maximilien, Luz A.C, Paneque-Gálvez J, Maciá M, Reyes-García V (2015). Landscape research, 40 (3).
  • How Does Cultural Change Affect Indigenous Peoples' Hunting Activity? An Empirical Study among the Tsimane' in the Bolivian Amazon Luz A, Guèze, Maximilien, Paneque-Gálvez J, Pino J, Maciá M, Orta-Martínez M, Reyes-García V (2015). Conservation and Society, 13 (4).
  • Shifts in indigenous culture relate to forest tree diversity: A case study from the Tsimane', Bolivian Amazon Guèze, Maximilien, Luz A.C, Paneque-Gálvez J, Maciá M.J, Orta-Martínez M, Pino J, Reyes-García V (2015). Biological Conservation, 186.
  • The Tsimane' Amazonian Panel Study (TAPS): Nine years (2002-2010) of annual data available to the public Leonard W.R, Reyes-García V, Tanner S, Rosinger A, Schultz A, Vadez V, Zhang R, Godoy R (2015). Economics and Human Biology, 19: 51-61.
  • Are Ecologically Important Tree Species the Most Useful? A Case Study from Indigenous People in the Bolivian Amazon Guèze, Maximilien, Luz A.C, Paneque-Gálvez J, Maciá M.J, Orta-Martínez M, Pino J, Reyes-García V (2014). Economic Botany, 68 (1).
  • Cultural change and traditional ecological knowledge: An empirical analysis from the Tsimane' in the Bolivian Amazon Reyes-García V, Paneque-Gálvez J, Luz A, Guèze, Maximilien, Maciá M, Orta-Martínez M, Pino J (2014). Human Organization, 73 (2).
  • Indigenous land reconfiguration and fragmented institutions: A historical political ecology of Tsimane' lands (Bolivian Amazon) Reyes-García V, Paneque-Gálvez J, Bottazzi P, Luz A.C, Guèze, Maximilien, Maciá M.J, Orta-Martínez M, Pacheco P (2014). Journal of Rural Studies, 34: 282-291.
  • Productive diversification and sustainable use of complex social-ecological systems: A comparative study of indigenous and settler communities in the Bolivian Amazon Bottazzi P, Reyes-García V, Crespo D, Marthez-Stiefel S.L, Galvarro H.S, Jacobi J, Clavijo M, Rist S (2014). Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 38 (2).
  • The consequences of linear growth stunting: Influence on body composition among youth in the Bolivian Amazon.2014. Tanner S, Leonard W.R, Reyes-García V, TAPS Bolivia Study Team (2014). American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 153 (1).
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