Sandrine Gallois

Sandrine Gallois

Postdoctoral Researcher

Between environmental and social sciences, my research interests are embedded in the maintenance of biocultural diversity and the interface between scientific and non-scientific knowledge systems. I am approaching so through the lenses of local ecological knowledge, cultural transmission, childhood studies, ethnobotany, science-art encounter and science-policy interface.

I hold a PhD in Environmental Science and EthnoEcology (2016, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and National Museum of Natural History, France), a MSc in Eco-Anthropology (National Museum of Natural History, France, 2011) and a BSc in Ecology (specialized in Botany, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France, 2009).

I have been involved in different international projects, including the LEK project on The adaptive nature of culture: a cross cultural analysis of the returns of local environmental knowledge among three indigenous societies (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2016-2021) ; the H2020 PERFORM project Participatory Engagement with Scientific and Technological Research through Performance (Open University of Catalunya, 2017); the HARVEST project on Plant Food in Human Evolution (Leiden University, Netherlands, 2017-2020) ; and I am collaborating with the LICCI project Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts (2020-date). I have also participated to the H2020 MSCA EPSN project European Performing Science Night (Open University of Catalunya, 2021).

I am currently leading a research project, granted by Beatriu de Pinos program (Beatriu de Pinos 2020) in which I focus on the resilience of the health system of the Baka, indigenous societies from southeastern Cameroon, approached through ethnobotany, cultural and medical anthropology.

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