Agnese Marino

Agnese Marino

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher at ICTA-UAB. I hold a PhD in Anthropology (University College London), an MSc in Conservation Science and a BA in Human Geography. I have spent time as a teaching fellow in Political Ecology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, as a post-doc at the Institute of Zoology (ZSL), as a researcher in residence at the Rachel Carson Centre, and as a social science consultant in various conservation projects in Italy (Istituto di Ecologia Applicata and WWF Italy).

My research interests focus on exploring how rural livelihoods and socioecological relations in Southern Europe are influenced by wider policy changes. My work has centred on understanding coexistence between farmers and large carnivores from a political ecology and environmental anthropology perspective. I have explored participatory and community-based conservation approaches and have applied ‘environmentality’ theories to look at how carnivore conservation policies, land tenure arrangements and the Common Agricultural Policy have shaped farmers’ relations with wildlife and the local landscape.

Currently, I am developing a research project at LASEG to explore women’s changing relations with the natural landscape and their emerging societal roles, in the context of rural depopulation, land abandonment and rewilding in the northwest of Spain. This research seeks to draw on feminist political ecology to understand the shifting social, labour, and ecological arrangements taking place in Europe’s upland landscapes.


  • Environmentalities of coexistence with wolves in the Cantabrian mountains of Spain Agnese Marino, Juan Carlos Blanco (2022). Conservation and Society.
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