Daniel Gaitán Cremaschi

Daniel Gaitán Cremaschi


My general research interests are in the conceptual framing of food systems. In general terms these include: 1) understanding the different narratives for re-orienting future food systems, their underlying paradigms and values and the enacted transition pathways; 2) the contribution of food systems for food security and nutrition, livelihoods and the environment, the synergies and trade-offs; and 3) the identification of leverage points towards food system transformations. Currently, I\'m focused on the analysis of the inter-connected drivers of rural vulnerability in Spain, to develop new country-wide and regional indexes for rural development diagnosis. I am also involved in exploring policy scenarios, together with multiple stakeholders, aimed at reducing rural vulnerability.

I hold a PhD in Business Economics (Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 2016), an MSc in Environmental Sciences with a major in Environmental System Analysis and a minor in Environmental Economics (Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 2011), and a BSc in Ecology (Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, 2006).

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