Daniel Gaitán Cremaschi

Daniel Gaitán Cremaschi


I specialize in the conceptual framing of food systems, focusing on three key research areas. Firstly, my exploration delves into understanding the diverse narratives guiding the reorientation of future food systems, where I investigate the underlying paradigms, values, and practical transition pathways. Secondly, I examine the multifaceted contributions of food systems to domains, including food security, nutrition, livelihoods, and the environment, analyzing their synergies and trade-offs. Thirdly, my research centers on identifying strategic leverage points capable of catalyzing transformative changes in food systems. Currently, my research is concentrated on the in-depth analysis of sustainable public food procurement as a policy lever for driving fundamental transformations within food systems.

My academic background includes a PhD in Business Economics from Wageningen University, the Netherlands (2016), an MSc in Environmental Sciences with a major in Environmental System Analysis and a minor in Environmental Economics  from Wageningen University (2011), and a BSc in Ecology from Universidad Javeriana, Colombia (2006).


  • Transformando sistemas alimentarios: Compra pública alimentaria responsable, actores e iniciativas en España. Daniel Gaitan Cremaschi, Valentina Cordoba (2024). Report. ICTA-UAB.
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