Mouna Chambon

Mouna Chambon


My research is focused on gender, fisheries and climate change. My doctoral project aims to understand the role of gender in community-based small-scale fisheries and how gender mediates their adaptation to climate change impacts. Taking a transdisciplinary approach to explore small-scale fisheries in the context of climate change, my doctoral thesis is grounded in the case of Locally Managed Marine Areas in coastal Kenya.

Broader research interests include indigenous and local knowledge systems, climate change, gender equity and conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biodiversity.

I hold a BSc on Biology and Social Sciences and a MSc in Tropical Ecology from a joint EU program between the French National Museum of Natural History, the University of Queensland and the University of Florence. Previously, I worked as a project manager on gender and climate change for the youth-led NGO “CliMates” and in the marine environment protection field.

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