Xiaoyue Li

Xiaoyue Li


I am a postdoctoral researcher at ICTA-UAB. I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology (Oregon State University, USA), a M.A. in Cultural Studies specializing in text analysis (Yunnan Nationalities University, China), and a B.A. in English Literature with a focus on comparative literature. 

My research interests lie primarily in the human dimensions of natural resources and sustainable development, with specific focus on the indigenous knowledge systems related to wild foods. My past research experience has covered various topics related to social, economic, and ecological aspects of environmental issues, including public perceptions and engagements with urban air pollution (smog) in China, risk perceptions of small holder famers about impacts of weather changes and marketization on traditional crops, and socio-economic responses to climate change among indigenous tea farmers. I have also taught various college level courses (both in-class and online) for 5 years during my Ph.D. training, covering topics from theoretical introductions to anthropology, regional culture studies, and natural resources and community values. 

Currently, I am working on the LICCI (Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts) project as a postdoc fellow, and I am developing my own research alongside the LICCI to look at how climate change has affected the tea management and wild foods collections among Akha people in Southwest China and Laos.  


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