Petra Benyei

Petra Benyei


I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at ICTA-UAB (PhD. in Environmental Sciences, 2020, UAB), researching on the use of transdisciplinary approaches (including citizen science tools) to document, share, and protect indigenous and local knowledge. I have worked in projects related to the evaluation of the South African land reform (PSGARD, Pretoria) and projects related to climate change mitigation strategies in rural Spain (Paris Diderot University). I have also participated actively in the design, implementation, dissemination, and analysis of CONECT-e, a Wiki-like platform focused on documenting traditional ecological knowledge in Spain. I was also involved with the LICCI project, where I investigated the perceived impacts of climate change in both mountain and urban agroecosystems. And finally, I've also contributed to the LICCION project, where I investigated the process of transformation of a citizen science platform (OpenTEK) to increase its potential as a tool to make climate research/policy more inclusive and equitable.


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