Maria Soledad Castro-Vargas

Maria Soledad Castro-Vargas


My research is focused on analysing the relationship between chemicals and socio-natures. I am interested in chemical geographies of pesticides and contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) and waterscapes studies. The objective of my research is to understand why and how contaminated waterscapes are being produced in Costa Rica in relation with the pesticide complex. Combining approaches from political ecology, critical geographies and ecotoxicology scholarships, my doctoral thesis is grounded in the case of the pesticide-contaminated wetland Térraba-Sierpe in Costa Rica.

Broader research interests include feminist studies, more-than-human geographies and art & science transdisciplinary approaches. Besides, I am passionate about poetry.

I hold a BSc on Natural Resources Management and an MSc in Water and Coastal Management. Previously, I investigated environmental risk of UV filters in marine environment focused on embryo-larval stages. I worked from 2007 to 2015 in an environmental law NGO in Costa Rica in water management and governance, climate change and socio-environmental conflicts due to water pollution with pesticides.

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