Louise Marie Busck-Lumholt

Louise Marie Busck-Lumholt


I am a PhD Researcher at ICTA-UAB. I hold an MSc in Agricultural Development (University of Copenhagen) and a BSc in Urban Planning and Geography (University of Roskilde). I have practical experience from environmental NGOs, and from the public sector where I have been working with citizen participation in urban planning processes. 

I am interested in the institutional relations within and between the topics of environmental governance, forest management, development interventions and citizen participation. My current project is part of COUPLED, an EU-ITN under Horizon 2020. My research project will explore the theory and practice of international development interventions in the forestry sector. Together with the other PhD projects in COUPLED, this research will contribute to test and develop the applicability of the theory of Telecoupling. The research is undertaken as a case study of a World Bank-led Forest and Community project in Salta, Argentina. The main areas of investigation are 1) how the theory of telecoupling and elements of institutional analysis can be integrated to shed new light on the nature of development projects, 2) how financial and discursive flows between institutions influence project development and management approaches, and 3) how this affects local forest use and conservation priorities. The motivation behind this research is to uncover new aspects of the reasons behind success and failure of development projects by using the lens of telecoupling and institutional analysis to capture more intangible elements of uncertainty and informal relationships. 





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