Johannes Langemeyer

Johannes Langemeyer

Established researcher

I am an urban ecosystem service specialist who studies the social-ecological complexity of urban green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, people’s behaviour, perceptions, benefits and wellbeing in relation to urban planning. My work puts strong emphasis on science-community-policy integration and is generally driven by co-designed research questions. As experienced process-designer, I am developing and applying mixed-method approaches (combining ecosystem service mapping with participatory approaches) for supporting urban green infrastructure policy and planning towards more sustainable, resilient and liveable cities.

My most important scientific contributions include: Contributing to the conceptualization, classification and mapping of urban ecosystem services (IPBES, UN-Cities & Biodiversity Outlook, AMBIO, BioScience, Ecology and Society). Broadening and deepening the understanding of cultural ecosystem services in cities, based on qualitative and participatory research (Ecosystem Services, Environmental Science & Policy, Landscape and Urban Planning). Developing integrated assessment frameworks, based on multi-criteria analysis, to mobilize citizen, expert and local knowledge and to enable ecosystem service (Environmental Science & Policy, Ecosystem Services). More recently, I have started to explore peoples’ changing green space perceptions and behaviour through the qualitative, quantitative spatial analysis of social media data (Land Use Policy, PlosOne).







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