Johannes Langemeyer

Johannes Langemeyer

Established researcher (LASEG co-leader)

Trained in Geography (Dipl. 2002-2010, Humboldt University Berlin) and in Environmental Science (MSc, 2010-2012, Joint European Master), I defended my PhD thesis on "The Value of Urban Nature" at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (PhD, Stockholm University & PhD, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, 2012-2015). Since 2016, I am working at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB). As an Established Researcher, I am currently serving as the principal investigator of the H2020-project INTERLACE and the Biodiversa-WaterPJI-Cofund project NICHES. Since 2020, I am also working at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as a Research Fellow and Principal Investigator in the project SOM-MES. I am an associate editor of the Ecosystem Services Journal and thematic working group leader under the international Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP), and an external academic advisor and reviewer at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NO), Wageningen University (NL) and North-West University (ZA). Since 2022, I am co-leading the LASEG research group. 

I am conducting social-ecological research for just, resilient and sustainable socio-spatial transformations. My research stretches from theoretical and conceptual understandings of plural nature values, justice and resilience in social-ecological-systems, over pioneering methodological developments (including social media assessments and participatory multi-criteria analysis), towards the implementation of transdisciplinary approaches that foster just, resilient and sustainable  socio-spatial transformations through policy and (primarily urban) planning of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions.








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