David Garcia del Amo

David Garcia del Amo

PhD Researcher

My main research interest is focused on analyzing traditional and local ecological knowledge´s capacity to build ecological and social resilience in a community. I use an integrated approach combining qualitative and quantitative techniques like open and semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, network analysis, transect walks and participatory observations. On my previous projects, I have focused my research analyzing the relationships between local ecological knowledge of rural communities and ecosystem services conservation in natural protected areas.

Currently, I am conducting my PhD project about local indicators of climate change impacts on climatic, biophysical and socioeconomic systems detected by rural communities in Spain. I am focusing my research on biological and socioeconomic systems to provide an alternative source of knowledge to detect climate change impacts. This research, as part of the LICCI project, also aims to incorporate a citizen science approach, turning members of rural communities into active actors and through information and communication technologies (ICTs), facilitate the collection and sharing of information.


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