Anna Porcuna-Ferrer

Anna Porcuna-Ferrer


I am a predoctoral researcher at ICTA-UAB working on the LICCI project – Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts: the contribution of local knowledge to climate change research. I hold an MSc in Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna) and a BSc in Environmental Biology (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

I am passionate about biodiversity and cultures. This made me an avid traveler, geographically and between scientific fields. With my background in natural sciences, I started working in the field of conservation biology and agroecology. With time, I noticed that conservation practices often overlook cultural values and practices, and that the drivers of biodiversity loss are also at the heart of the loss of cultural diversity. This insight triggered my interest into exploring the bridges between natural and social dynamics. In my master thesis I built on social-ecological resilience theory to study the changes brought about by Community Seed Banks in the indigenous communities of the western highlands of Guatemala. In my PhD I take a diachronic approach to compare present and past landrace diversity and management in south-eastern Senegal to explore the potentials of local ecological knowledge in understanding and adapting to the effects of climate change. 


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