Amalia Calderón Argelich

Amalia Calderón Argelich


I hold a MSc in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability with a specialization in Science and Management of Global Change from ICTA-UAB and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Universitat de Barcelona.

My research covers environmental justice aspects of urban green infrastructure and the provision and quantification of ecosystem services. My main focus is on equity and accessibility of benefits provided by different elements of the green infrastructure within the context of climate change. Further, I am interested in the interconnections between distributional, procedural/participatory and interactional/recognitional justice in urban areas.

I am currently investigating the incorporation of functions and services of urban green infrastructure with an environmental justice perspective that recognizes plural values and demands of socially vulnerable residents and the effective inclusion of them in urban greening decision making processes.

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