Fulvia Calcagni

Fulvia Calcagni


I hold a Joint European Master Degree in Environmental Studies focused on Cities and Sustainability (JEMES-CiSu) and a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering from the Tor Vergata University of Rome. My research lies at the intersection of society and nature, in both rural and urban environments. I use a multidisciplinary approach, qualitatively and quantitatively assessing and mapping social-ecological interactions and underlying values through georeferenced social media data analysis, with a focus on issues of justice and resilience.

My current research focuses on social-ecological interactions and, in particular, on 1) the underlying values inferable through social media, 2) their distribution across space, social groups and time, 3) their influence on behavior, 4) their relevance in sustainability science.

In my ongoing research, I am exploring the role that social media platforms play in mediating people’s perceptions and interactions with and within the environment. Therefore, I investigate crowdsourced data potential in revealing people’s multiple social-ecological values and in tracing the path from values to actions. In addition, I look at the extent at which social power relations and dynamics are reproduced on social media in the processes of values co-creation and activation. This approach allows retrieving intangible and incommensurable values at unprecedented scale and rate and, by collaborating with decision-makers and civil society, aims to inform just and resilient landscape and urban planning.


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