Francesc Baró

Francesc Baró

Affiliated Researcher

I am an environmental scientist trained in urban ecology. I hold a PhD in Environmental Science and Technology (UAB, 2016), an MSc in Geographic Information Systems (UPC, 2007), an MSc in Ecological Economics and Environmental Management (UAB, 2005) and a BSc in Environmental Science (UAB, 2004).

My interdisciplinary research domain explores the social-ecological impacts of urban and peri-urban greening in order to understand how cities can become more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. In general terms, my main interwoven areas of interest are: 1) Multi-scale spatial analysis of urban ecosystem services (both provision and demand); 2) Urban equity analyses in the access to green infrastructure benefits; and 3) Governance assessment of nature-based solutions and other greening strategies from a critical perspective.

In my ongoing research I am exploring the consideration of different dimensions of environmental justice (particularly distributional) into urban ecosystem service assessments. I am also involved in a project aimed at assessing green gentrification in different European and North-American cities. Further, I am coordinating a stakeholder engagement process for the integration of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions in urban planning and policy of the Barcelona metropolitan region.


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