Research area

Other research

Developing research on other environmental and development issues that transcend our core research areas.

LASEG members also investigate or write about issues that do not strictly fit with our three main areas, since our interests span across other dynamics of policy and social-ecological change. As engaged scholars, we often participate in policy-making processes, as either 'expert' scientists or writers, and we engage in broader scientific debates affecting our profession and civil society more generally. Specifically, we have paid attention to:

  • Global environmental policy debates, resulting from our participation in intergovernmental science-policy platforms (IPCC, IPBES) and policy-oriented research networks and institutions;
  • Land-use and urban planning processes that may not strictly refer to ecosystem services and biodiversity;
  • The future of the academic profession, reflecting on career development, reducing researchers environmental impact and gender equity, among others; and
  • Science and technology studies (STS), including the study of participatory science processes, citizen science and transdisciplinarity.


  • Global change
  • Rural and urban planning
  • Feminist academia
  • Academic Environmental Impact
  • Science and technology studies

Projects research area: "Other research"

January 2015 – December 2019
  • Agroecology
  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Citizen Science

This project evaluated citizen science as a tool to increase and diversify participation in traditional ecological knowledge conservation.

November 2020 - April 2022
  • Indigenous and Local Knowledge
  • Policy
  • Networks
  • Participation

Bringing indigenous and local knowledge to climate change policy.

February 2022 - January 2024
  • Sustainable food
  • public provision
  • transitions
  • agroecology
  • scaling

Research into existing initiatives of sustainable food procurement in Spain

July 2022 - November 2023
  • Indigenous data sovereignty
  • local knowledge

Using the LICCI project as a case study, the Research on Indigenous Data Governance Protocols (RIDaGoP) project aims to contribute to the field of Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) by developing a set of tools to guide the handling of Indigenous knowledge and data in the open while adhering to Indigenous data sovereignty principles.

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