We publish our research in a wide range of disciplinary and multidisciplinary journals, and also in books, reports and other means of communication, such as videos and web-based knowledge exchange platforms. You can find below our work published between January 2014 and the present day.

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  • Gender Differences in Knowledge, Use, and Collection of Wild Edible Plants in Three Spanish Areas Rufino Acosta-Naranjo, Ramón Rodríguez-Franco, Antonio Jesús Guzmán-Troncoso, Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana , Laura Aceituno-Mata , José Gómez-Melara, Domínguez P, Isabel Díaz-Reviriego , Jessica González-Nateras , Reyes-García V (2021). Sustainability, 13 (5): 2639.
  • Towards inclusive environmental governance in the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve, Morocco Romera M C, López-i-Gelats F, Domínguez P, Boujrouf S, Maneja R (2021). eco.mont (Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management), 13 (11/2021): 38-48.
  • Holistic Ethnographies of East African Customary Pastoral Commons Needed? Renom J, Mwamidi D, Domínguez P (2020). Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 43 (April 2020): 83-90.
  • Réserve de biosphère de l’Arganeraie: approches pour une gouvernance ‘sur le terrain’. Actes du 5ème CIA ‘Capital naturel de l’arganeraie: Valeur et valorisation" Romera M C, Maneja R, Boujrouf S, Domínguez P (2019). Conference proceedings. ANDZOA & GIZ, Agadir, Morocco.
  • Contemporary pastoral commons in East Africa as OECMs: A case study from the Daasanach community of Ileret, Marsabit County, North of Kenya Mwamidi D, Renom J, Fernández-Llamazares Á, Burgas D, Domínguez P, Cabeza M (2018). PARKS, 24 (June 2018): 79-88.
  • Do Pastoral Commons exists in Contemporary East Africa? The case of Daasanach in Northern Kenya Mwamidi D, Domínguez P, Renom J (2018). Machakos University Journal of Science and Technology, 1 (1): 8-20.
  • What's in a name? Unpacking 'participatory' environmental monitoring Turreira-Garcia N, Lund J.F, Domínguez P, Carrillo-Anglés E, Brummer M, Dunn P, Reyes-García V (2018). Ecological Economics, 23 (2).
  • Multi-agentive transformations of rural livelihoods in Mountain ICCAs Domínguez P, Benessaiah N (2017). Quarternary International, 437.
  • Political Ecology of Shifting Cosmologies and Epistemologies among Berber Agro-Sylvo-Pastoralists in a Globalizing World Domínguez P (2017). Journal for the study of Religion, Nature & Culture, 11 (2).
  • Diverse Ecological, Economic Socio-Cultural and Political Values of a Traditional Common Natural Resource Management System in the Moroccan High Atlas: The Aït Ikiss Tagdalts Domínguez P, Bourbouze A, Demay S, Genin D, Kosoy N (2016). in Johnson S. (Ed) FARMING, ‘Themes in Environmental History’ Series”, White Horse Press.
  • A comparative study of two Mediterranean mountain commons and the bio-cultural diversity associated to them Domínguez P (2015). in Agnoletti M. & Emanueli F. (coords) Biocultural diversity in Europe, SpringerVerlag.
  • From famine foods to delicatessen: Interpreting trends in the use of wild edible plants through cultural ecosystem services Reyes-García V, Menendez-Baceta G, Aceituno-Mata L, Acosta-Naranjo R, Calvet-Mir L, Domínguez P, Garnatje T, Gómez-Baggethun E, Molina-Bustamante M, Molina M, Rodriguez-Franco R, Serrasolses G, Vallès J, Pardo-de-Santayana M (2015). Ecological Economics, 120.
  • Miscegenation: comparative study of social and political classification systems Ventura M, Surrallés A, Ojeda M, Mateo J.L, Martínez M, Kradolfer S, Domínguez P, Coello A, Clua M, Van Der Bogaert A, Stolcke V (2014). Anthropologie et Sociétés, 38 (2).
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