We publish our research in a wide range of disciplinary and multidisciplinary journals, and also in books, reports and other means of communication, such as videos and web-based knowledge exchange platforms. You can find below our work published between January 2014 and the present day.

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  • Deliberative mapping of ecosystem services within and around Doñana National Park (SW Spain) in relation to land use change Palomo I, Martín-López B, Zorrilla-Miras P, García-del-Amo D, Montes C (2014). Regional environmental change, 14 (1).
  • Factors affecting ethnobotanical knowledge in a mestizo community of the Sierra de Huautla Biosphere Reserve, Mexico Beltran-Rodriguez L, Ortiz-Sanchez A, Mariano N.A, Maldonado-Almanza B, Reyes-García V (2014). Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 10 (1).
  • Factors enhancing landrace in situ conservation in home gardens and fields in vall de gósol, catalan pyrenees, iberian peninsula Riu-Bosoms C, Calvet-Mir L, Reyes-García V (2014). Journal of Ethnobiology, 34 (2).
  • Indigenous land reconfiguration and fragmented institutions: A historical political ecology of Tsimane' lands (Bolivian Amazon) Reyes-García V, Paneque-Gálvez J, Bottazzi P, Luz A.C, Guèze, Maximilien, Maciá M.J, Orta-Martínez M, Pacheco P (2014). Journal of Rural Studies, 34: 282-291.
  • Livelihood impacts of biofuel crop production: Implications for governance Hunsberger C, Bolwig S, Corbera E, Creutzig F (2014). Geoforum, 54.
  • Local participation in biodiversity conservation initiatives: A comparative analysis of different models in South East Mexico Mendez-Lopez M.E, Garcia-Frapolli E, Pritchard D.J, Sánchez-Gonzalez M.C, Ruíz-Mallén I, Porter-Bolland L, Reyes-García V (2014). Journal of Environmental Management, 145.
  • Medicinal plants traditionally used in the northwest of the Basque Country (Biscay and Alava), Iberian Peninsula Menendez-Baceta G, Aceituno-Mata L, Molina M, Reyes-García V, Tardio J, Pardo-de-Santayana M (2014). Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 152 (1).
  • Miscegenation: comparative study of social and political classification systems Ventura M, Surrallés A, Ojeda M, Mateo J.L, Martínez M, Kradolfer S, Domínguez P, Coello A, Clua M, Van Der Bogaert A, Stolcke V (2014). Anthropologie et Sociétés, 38 (2).
  • Productive diversification and sustainable use of complex social-ecological systems: A comparative study of indigenous and settler communities in the Bolivian Amazon Bottazzi P, Reyes-García V, Crespo D, Marthez-Stiefel S.L, Galvarro H.S, Jacobi J, Clavijo M, Rist S (2014). Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 38 (2).
  • Resilience of local knowledge systems. The example of agricultural knowledge among homegardeners in the Iberian peninsula Reyes-García V, Aceituno-Mata L, Calvet-Mir L, Garnatje T, Gómez-Baggethun E, Lastra J.J, Ontillera R, Parada M, Rigat M, Vallès J, Vila S, Pardo-de-Santayana M (2014). Global Environmental Change, 24.
  • Social equity matters in payments for ecosystem services Pascual U, Phelps J, Garmendia E, Brown K, Corbera E, Martin A, Gómez-Baggethun E, Muradian R (2014). BioScience, 64 (11).
  • The consequences of linear growth stunting: Influence on body composition among youth in the Bolivian Amazon.2014. Tanner S, Leonard W.R, Reyes-García V, TAPS Bolivia Study Team (2014). American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 153 (1).
  • The oil palm boom: Socio-economic implications for Q'eqchi' households in the Polochic valley, Guatemala Mingorria S, Gamboa G, Martín-López B, Corbera E (2014). Environment, Development and Sustainability, 16 (4).
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Europe: Status Quo and Insights for the Environmental Policy Agenda Hernández-Morcillo M, Hoberg J, Oteros-Rozas E, Plieninger T, Gómez-Baggethun E, Reyes-García V (2014). Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, 56 (1).
  • Weeds and food diversity: Natural yield assessment and future alternatives for traditionally consumed wild vegetables Molina M, Tardio J, Aceituno-Mata L, Morales R, Reyes-García V, Pardo-de-Santayana M (2014). Journal of Ethnobiology., 34 (1).
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