We publish our research in a wide range of disciplinary and multidisciplinary journals, and also in books, reports and other means of communication, such as videos and web-based knowledge exchange platforms. You can find below our work published between January 2014 and the present day.

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  • How do biosphere reserves influence local vulnerability and adaptation? Evidence from Latin America Ruíz-Mallén I, Corbera E, Calvo-Boyero D, Reyes-García V, Brown K (2015). Global Environmental Change, 33.
  • How Does Cultural Change Affect Indigenous Peoples' Hunting Activity? An Empirical Study among the Tsimane' in the Bolivian Amazon Luz A, Guèze, Maximilien, Paneque-Gálvez J, Pino J, Maciá M, Orta-Martínez M, Reyes-García V (2015). Conservation and Society, 13 (4).
  • How effective are biodiversity conservation payments in Mexico? Costedoat S, Corbera E, Ezzine-de-Blas D, Honey-Roses J, Baylis K, Castillo-Santiago M.A (2015). PLoS ONE, 10 (3).
  • Links between media communication and local perceptions of climate change in an indigenous society Fernández-Llamazares Á, Mendez-Lopez M.E, Diaz-Reviriego I, McBride M.F, Pyhälä A, Rosell-Mele A, Reyes-García V (2015). Climatic Change, 131 (2).
  • Meanings, drivers, and motivations for community-based conservation in Latin America Ruíz-Mallén I, Schunko C, Corbera E, Ros M, Reyes-García V (2015). Ecology and Society, 20 (3).
  • Participation dynamics and institutional change in the Scolel Té carbon forestry project, Chiapas, Mexico Hendrickson C.Y, Corbera E (2015). Geoforum, 59.
  • Participation in protected areas: A social network case study in catalonia, Spain Calvet-Mir L, Maestre-Andrés S, Molina J.L, van den Bergh J (2015). Ecology and Society, 20 (4).
  • Participatory scenarios to explore local adaptation to global change in biosphere reserves: Experiences from Bolivia and Mexico Ruíz-Mallén I, Corbera E, Calvo-Boyero D, Reyes-García V (2015). Environmental Science and Policy, 54.
  • Payments for ecosystem services in the tropics: A closer look at effectiveness and equity Calvet-Mir L, Corbera E, Martin A, Fisher J, Gross-Camp N (2015). Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 14.
  • Rapid ecosystem change challenges the adaptive capacity of local environmental knowledge Fernández-Llamazares Á, Diaz-Reviriego I, Luz A.C, Cabeza M, Pyhälä A, Reyes-García V (2015). Global Environmental Change, 31: 272-284.
  • Resilience and adaptation in social-ecological systems Junior W.S.F, Nascimento A.L.B, Ramos M.A, De Medeiros P.M, Soldati G.T, Santoro F.R, Reyes-García V, Albuquerque U.P (2015). Evolutionary Ethnobiology.
  • Schooling and Local Knowledge for Collecting Wild Honey in South India: Balancing Multifaceted Educations? Demps K, Dougherty J, Mg J, Zorondo-Rodríguez F, Reyes-García V, Garcia C (2015). Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment, 37 (1).
  • Shifts in indigenous culture relate to forest tree diversity: A case study from the Tsimane', Bolivian Amazon Guèze, Maximilien, Luz A.C, Paneque-Gálvez J, Maciá M.J, Orta-Martínez M, Pino J, Reyes-García V (2015). Biological Conservation, 186.
  • Socially sustainable degrowth as a social–-ecological transformation: repoliticizing sustainability Asara V, Otero I, Demaria F, Corbera E (2015). Sustainability Science, 10 (3).
  • Sowing resilience and contestation in times of crises: The case of urban gardening movements in Barcelona Camps-Calvet M, Langemeyer J, Calvet-Mir L, Gómez-Baggethun E, March H (2015). Partecipazione e Conflitto, 8 (2).
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