We publish our research in a wide range of disciplinary and multidisciplinary journals, and also in books, reports and other means of communication, such as videos and web-based knowledge exchange platforms. You can find below our work published between January 2014 and the present day.

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  • Ecosystem service bundles along the urban-rural gradient: Insights for landscape planning and management Baro F, Gómez-Baggethun E, Haase D (2017). Ecosystem Services, 24.
  • Exploring intrinsic, instrumental, and relational values for sustainable management of social-ecological systems Arias-Arévalo P, Martín-López B, Gómez-Baggethun E (2017). Ecology and Society, 22 (4 art. no. 43).
  • Fire is REDD+: offsetting carbon through early burning activities in south-eastern Tanzania Khatun K, Corbera E, Ball S (2017). ORYX, 51 (1).
  • Fishing in the Amazonian Forest: A Gendered Social Network Puzzle Diaz-Reviriego I, Fernández-Llamazares Á, Howard P.L, Molina JL, Reyes-García V (2017). Society and Natural Resources, 30 (6).
  • Globalized conflicts, globalized responses. Changing manners of contestation among indigenous communities Benyei, P, Turreira-Garcia N, Orta-Martínez M, Cartró-Sabaté M (2017). In: Reyes-García V. & Pyhälä A., Hunter-gatherers in a Changing World.. Springer, Cham.
  • Hunter-Gatherers in a changing world Reyes-García V, Pyhälä A (2017). Hunter-Gatherers in a Changing World.
  • Hunting Techniques, Wildlife Offtake and Market Integration. A Perspective from Individual Variations among the Baka (Cameroon) Duda R, Gallois, Sandrine, Reyes-García V (2017). African Study Monographs, 38 (2).
  • Income and Wellbeing in a Society on the Verge to Market Integration: The Case of the Tsimane' in the Bolivian Amazon Minkin D, Reyes-García V (2017). Journal of Happiness Studies, 18 (4): 993-1011.
  • Introduction: Hunter-Gatherers in a fast changing world Reyes-García V, Pyhälä A (2017). Hunter-Gatherers in a Changing World.
  • Local ecological knowledge among Baka children: a case of "children's culture" Gallois, Sandrine, Duda R, Reyes-García V (2017). Journal of Ethnobiology, 37 (1).
  • Multi-agentive transformations of rural livelihoods in Mountain ICCAs Domínguez P, Benessaiah N (2017). Quarternary International, 437.
  • Neglected ecosystem services: Highlighting the socio-cultural perception of mangroves in decision-making processes de Souza Queiroz L, Rossi S, Calvet-Mir L, Ruíz-Mallén I, García-Betorz S, Salvà-Prat J, Jeovah de Andrade Meireles A (2017). Ecosystem Services, 26.
  • Networking the environment: social network analysis in environmental management and local ecological knowledge studies Salpeteur M, Calvet-Mir L, Diaz-Reviriego I, Reyes-García V (2017). Ecology and Society, 22 (1).
  • Not the same for everyone: Community views of Mexico's payment for environmental services programmes Almeida-Leñero L, Revollo-Fernández D, Caro-Borrero A, Ruíz-Mallén I, Corbera E, Mazari-Hiriart M, Figueroa F (2017). Environmental Conservation, 44 (3).
  • Physical Activity Levels in Childhood Tanner S, Leonard W.R, Reyes-García V (2017). American Journal of Human Biology, 29 (2).
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