Bio-Agro-diversity of past and present Mediterranean landscapes to face a common future (BioDivMeX WG4)


BioDivMeX’s Working Group 4 aims to develop a diachronic understanding of socio-ecological systems while crossing it with the current conflicts and threats to this enormous bio-cultural diversity found today in the Mediterranean. By relying on a transdisciplinary analysis of ecological and paleo-ecological, landscape, socio-anthropo-politological and climatologic approaches, we investigate the current bio-cultural diversity associated with the past. In this sense its purpose is highly innovative as rarely bio-cultural diversity has been approached historically. This could aid to better interpreting the dynamics of bio-cultural diversity and ongoing changes, while identifying risks and possible solutions before us.

Project dates

 January 2016 - December 2019


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Research area


  • Human-environment relations
  • Landscape
  • Diachronic
  • Mediterranean
  • Bio-cultural diversity.

Team members

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