Sustainable Food Public Procurement in Spain: evidence to date and scaling opportunities


The project analyses existing initiatives in sustainable public food procurement in Spain (SFPP) to provide lessons into where and how to carry out the necessary modifications to achieve their long-term expectation and development in view of sustainability transitions in food systems. To do so, the project provides a database of current SFPP initiatives in Spain, which can be subsequently used as a baseline for future research. From this database, the project focuses on three initiatives to analyse their network structure and functioning, identify the main barriers to their scalability, and support decision-making by key actors. Beyond the direct impact of the project on the three case studies, this project will provide lessons to bring SFPP to scale in Spain, that in turn, will serve as input for international policy and academic debates on wider design and implementation of SFPP.

An explanatory video of the project can be found here.


  • Transformando sistemas alimentarios: Compra pública alimentaria responsable, actores e iniciativas en España. Daniel Gaitan Cremaschi, Valentina Cordoba (2024). Report. ICTA-UAB.

Project dates

 February 2022 - April 2024


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Research area


  • Sustainable food
  • public provision
  • food system transitions
  • agroecology

Team members

ICREA Research Professor
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