Climate change and Indigenous People and local communities. A new online course


Climate change impacts vary among different social groups, who perceive and adapt to it in different ways. In this course, students will: a) understand the differentiated impacts that climate change has on Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLC); b) familiarize themselves with different responses to climate change impacts led by IPLC; and c) learn about different strategies aiming to incorporate IPLC to climate change research and policy. The course includes a theoretical and a methodological component, through which students will learn methodologies to conduct research on IPLC’s perceptions of climate change impacts.

The course is divided into five working sections:

1) Introducing key notions of climate change, Indigenous peoples and local communities, and knowledge systems.

2) Understanding the climate change impacts on climatic, physical, biological, and human systems inhabited by IPLC.

3) Learning how IPLC respond to climate change impacts (i.e., coping, adaptation and maladaptation strategies).

4) Learning methods to data collection on local perceptions of climate change impacts.

5) Understanding global governance in a climate change context and the role of IPLC.


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