Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts Observation Network - LICCION


The potential of Indigenous and Local knowledge to contribute to climate change research is being investigated by the Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts (LICCI) project. Nevertheless, the LICCI research project does not sufficiently contribute to integrating these knowledge and perspectives into climate change research and policy.

The LICCI Observation Network (LICCION), an EU-funded proof-of-concept project, aims to go beyond the documentation of climate change impacts to integrate the knowledge of Indigenous peoples and local communities in climate change policy in a practical, rights-based and policy-relevant manner. Via the OpenTEK platform and in partnership with representatives of Indigenous peoples and local communities and with civil society organisations, this observation network aims to contribute to strengthening the recognition and, more importantly, participation of Indigenous peoples and local communities in regional or international research and policy making processes around climate change.


Project dates

 November 2020 - April 2022


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Research area


  • Indigenous and Local Knowledge
  • Policy
  • Networks
  • Participation

Team members

PhD Researcher
ICREA Research Professor
Research Assistant
Project Manager & Facilitator
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