Socio-Environmental Vulnerability in rural Spain (SEVERAS)


SEVERAS will assemble so far disconnected climatic, census, land-use and rural development data into a unique socio-environmental database. The indexes will be elaborated and validated with key stakeholders through participatory planning workshops (“rural vulnerability laboratories”) where rural citizens and policy makers will also co-design policies aimed at reducing vulnerability.

The project will thus result in a series of rural vulnerability maps at different territorial scales and time horizons; an inventory of archetypical socio-ecological contexts and rural vulnerability pathways in Spain; and a series of policy proposals to mitigate rural vulnerability and their implementation challenges.

In doing so, SEVERAS will advance our understanding on the compounded effects of socio-environmental drivers of rural vulnerability; provide a new quantitative tool for rural development diagnosis and policy making in Spain; and empower rural citizens by involving them in the development of the indexes and new policies.

The project is co-led by Sergio Villamayor-Tomás and Esteve Corbera (ICTA-UAB) and Federica Ravera (Universitat de Vic). The team also involves 2 MSc students and a PhD researcher. It us funded by "La Caixa" Foundation.

Photo: Harvested cereal fields in Argente, Teruel, July 2017, by Esteve Corbera.

Project dates

 March 2020 - February 2022

Research area


  • Rural vulnerability
  • Climate change
  • Depopulation
  • Unequal trade
  • Exposure
  • Sensitivity
  • Adaptive capacity

Team members

ICREA Research Professor
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