Tsimane' Amazonian Panel Study (TAPS)


TAPS collected longitudinal data amon the Tsimane’,  a native Amazonian society of horticulturalists and foragers who live mostly in the department of Beni, Bolivia. Every year for nine consecutive years (2002-2010) a multidisciplinary, international team of researchers and Tsimane’ assistants measured socio-cultural and anthropometric variables among all Tsimane’ living in 13 villages along the Maniqui River that varied in proximity to the town of San Borja. The team cleaned, merged, and appended the data, and made it freely available to the public as the study unfolded. To date, over 100 refereed publications by the TAPS team have resulted from this research project. About 100 international researchers from many disciplines have requested the preliminary data (2002-2007) to explore topics beyond the ones considered by the TAPS team.

Since 2011 TAPS data is being complemented by other projects among the Tsimane' (e.g., LEK project).


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  • Hunter-Gatherers
  • Indigenous and Local Knowledge
  • Integration to market economy
  • wellbeing

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ICREA Research Professor
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