Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts. The Contribution of Local Knowledge to Climate Change Research (LICCI)


The main goal of this project is to bring insights from local knowledge systems into climate research by

  • building an inventory local indicators of climate change on physical and biological systems;
  • identifying i) spatial patterns in local climate change impacts indicators and ii) socioeconomic and iii) demographic patterns in the perceived impacts;
  • creating a baseline repository with primary information on local indicators of climate change available for different uses (e.g., design of adaptation policies, input to climate models); and
  • creating a wide network of researchers, practitioners, and civil society interested in exploring how local knowledge systems contribute to our understanding of climate change impacts.

LICCI holds the potential to fill theoretical and spatial gaps on climate change impacts research. Results from this project can also improve local capacity to respond to climate change impacts and help bridge epistemological differences between local and scientific knowledge systems.


Project dates

 June 2018 - May 2023


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Research area


  • Climate Change
  • Ethnoclimatology
  • Indigenous and Local Knowledge
  • Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Team members

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