On the Interface between Moroccan Agdals and the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve


Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) are traditional social-ecological governance systems for the collective and sustainable management of natural resources and are considered by the major international policies and programs as a key management regime. Despite this fact, today ICCAs (including Moroccan agdals) and the bio-cultural diversity they promote are experiencing a rapid process of degradation. On the other hand, UNESCO Biosphere-Reserve label acts as a supporting tool aiming to integrate in a sustainable way local populations and environmental conservation, so theoretically it could provide agdals with international recognition.
This research addresses Moroccan mountain agro-silvo-pastoral agdals of the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve (RBA), the synergies between both systems and their sustainability and resilience potential from a social-ecological system and ethnographic approach. The aim of the project is thus to investigate how can Agdals and Biosphere Reserves support each other and how this can be done jointly with and for the direct benefit of the local communities.


Project dates

 April 2017 - March 2020

Research area


  • Social-Ecological Mountain Systems
  • Community Conservation
  • Agdal
  • Argan Biosphere Reserve
  • Participatory Governance
  • Ethno-Ecology
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Team members

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