LASEG's website goes live: from ICTA-UAB to the world!

LASEG's website goes live: from ICTA-UAB to the world!

By Laseg
on 2019-07-22
  • Research

The website of the Laboratory for the Analysis of Social-Ecological systems in a Globalised world (Laseg) at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) goes live today! We, the ‘Lasegians’, are looking forward to sharing our research passion more effectively through this website. We will use this space to share what we do and why it matters, and inspire people to join us, read us, and/or follow the scientific and policy advice that our research often results in. This website complements our presence in our home institution’s site (

Laseg is the result of collaboration, collegiality and collective action. In 2012, Victoria Reyes-García and Esteve Corbera realized that their own groups worked on similar issues, such as the state and trends of indigenous and ecological knowledge, or the governance of biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and protected areas, and there was great potential to merge these issues and strive for more multidisciplinarity, and richer scientific breadth. They thought that a larger group would allow PhDs, postdocs and other senior researchers to learn more from one another, and feel more supported during their research endeavors. Laseg was thus established in 2014, bringing together scientists with slightly different foci but who have something in common: a passion for understanding social-ecological change, in rural, urban and peri-urban contexts, as it is occurring now or in the past.

Laseg has therefore existed for five years without a dedicated website and we felt this had to change. We needed a platform to make more visible what we were doing, beyond dedicated project websites. Furthermore, we aimed to share more effectively the work that we do which does not result in scientific publications and which still deserved visibility beyond academia. As our website attests, we work across disciplines, use multiple methods, engage in projects of different scope and size, and develop exciting social-ecological research worldwide. We work as individuals, but also as a group, with our ICTA-UAB colleagues, and with colleagues and institutions from around the world. We meet frequently to think about new research projects, to discuss specific aspects of academic careers, and we do away-days to foster collegiality and friendship. Ultimately, we support each other, we care for each other.

In this section of our website, we will regularly post information about our research achievements, our best impact stories, and share with you reflections about our experiences when navigating the complex and often unsupportive life of academia. We will disseminate these posts through our own and ICTA-UAB’s Twitter accounts, which we hope you already follow. If you like what we do, what we write, and you feel you want to know more about Laseg, do not hesitate to contact or visit us! Welcome to our new webpage

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