One-year post-doctoral research contract on rural vulnerability

By Esteve Corbera & Sergio Villamayor-Tomás
on 2020-09-24
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  • Environmental governance
  • Vulnerability

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced postdoctoral researcher to lead the development and calculus of a Rural Vulnerability Index in rural Spain. The postdoc will join the Laseg research group and the SEVERAS project, hosted at the Environmental Science and Technology Institute (ICTA, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). The project is funded by La Caixa Foundation.
- The administration of a Delphi survey. 
- The development of a rural vulnerability index by processing and assembling several datasets.
- The co-organization of a webinar with key experts in rural vulnerability.
- The design and implementation of three stakeholder workshops to validate the index. and explore vulnerability mitigation policies in specific regions of rural Spain.
- The write up of a scientific article targeting a high impact/internationally recognized journal, a policy brief; and a report of the stakeholder workshops.
- The co-supervision of one master’s student.


Minimum required skills

  • A PhD in Environmental Science, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Sociology or the like.
Accredited experience with socio-environmental research (natural resource management, rural development, agricultural, agrarian or livelihood studies, and similar). 

  • Accredited experience with quantitative data processing and analysis.

  • Accredited experience with GIS.

  • Accredited experience with English writing skills with good publication record.

  • Accredited experience with fieldwork data collection.

Desirable skills

  • Experience with Delphi surveys.
Experience with participatory data collection methods.

  • Experience with the construction of Indexes and Vulnerability Indexes in particular. 
  • Experience with data programming and web design.

Work environment

ICTA-UAB is globally renowned for its cutting-edge research. In global university rankings, UAB ranks 8th in environmental studies worldwide and ICTA-UAB has hosted 7 ERC grants and it is currently running 18 international projects (13 from the EU-H2020 Programe). ICTA-UAB was accredited with the highest recognition of scientific research in Spain, the ‘María de Maeztu’ Unit of Excellence for the period 2016-2020, and recently again for the period 2020-2023. 
ICTA-UAB provides a stimulating working environment in which mutual support is combined with a lot of room for individual initiative. The postdoc will become a member of our high-standing academic and international community with plenty of opportunities for collaboration. Within the SEVERAS project team, the postdoc will work back-to-back with the PIs and a team of one PhD student and one master’s student. We will encourage the postdoc to have her own voice within the project and explore additional research opportunities that are synergistic with it and contribute to promote her career. 
We challenge our staff and students to approach issues from multiple disciplines and encourage them to take a different view. We are also proud to welcome people from different countries, ethnicities, and genders.

Conditions of employment

Starting date: October-November 2020.

  • Dedication: 100% for a year (negotiable a 75% dedication for 1.5 years), 37,5 working hours/week.

  • Salary: 32,000-40,000 gross/year depending on skills and experience.
Holidays: 4 weeks.


If interested, please apply through 
    You will need to create an account, and then apply to the call number 2020DILEUA79 by the 5th of October, at 5pm CET. 
  • The required documents are:
- A 500-words statement of interest, plus the contact details of two referees.
- A 4-page CV, stating at least education, job posts, fieldwork experience, skills, and key achievements (publications, grants, research impact, etc.).

For more information 

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